Seven Secrets to Better Leash Walking

//Seven Secrets to Better Leash Walking

The last thing that anybody wants is a dog they can’t control in public. Proper leash training is essential for keeping your dog under control, but you may be wondering exactly what you can do to help transform your dog into one that’s a pleasure to walk. As the premier Sarasota, Florida dog walking and pet care business, Accredited Pet Care would like to offer seven of our insider secrets for better leash walking experiences:

1 – Know Your Collar, Know Your Leash

Accredited Pet Care recommends that you not walk your dog with a flat collar, which is probably the most common type of collar that you will find. When your dog pulls on the leash while wearing a flat collar, the pressure increases the pressure on the eyes, which is especially concerning if you have a dog breed that’s prone to eye conditions. Ask any knowledgeable Sarasota dog walker and they will no doubt tell you that a body harness is a much better option for your dog than a flat collar when it comes to walking your dog.

2 – Use a Front Connecting Harness

One of the biggest problems with walking dogs is many will pull on the leash as they walk, which often leads to the owner being taken for a walk instead of the other way around. This can even happen with a body harness, which is why Sarasota dog walking service Accredited Pet Care recommends front attaching body harnesses for dogs who constantly pull on the leash while walking. By attaching the leash at the front of a body harness, it forces the dog to walk closer by your side instead of ahead of you.

3 – Avoid Extendable Leashes

If you forget to lock an extendable leash and your dog starts running, the leash will either snap itself back when the lead runs out or break the leash from your grip and your dog may take off without you. The Sarasota dog walking professionals at Accredited Pet Care suggests a traditional, fixed length leash to eliminate this problem.

4 – Spend Time with Your Dog On Leash Every Day

Practice, they say, makes perfect, and you can’t expect your dog to learn how to walk on a leash if you never take your dog out on a leash. If leash training for the first time, or if taking your dog out on a new kind of leash, introduce your dog to the leash slowly by going short distances at first, and gradually increasing the length of time spent on leash.

5 – Reinforce and Praise Obedience

When you have to stop or pause while walking your dog, you shouldn’t have to fight your dog in order to keep your dog near you. As you walk, remember to positively reinforce your dog and use commands like “sit” and “stay” when waiting at intersections or even if just stopping to chat with a friend. Accredited Pet Care’s professional Sarasota dog walkers constantly offers praise and reinforcements to all pets they walk.

6 – Remember the Weather

A dog’s feet might be able to walk on a lot of rugged surfaces, but they’re not heat proof. If walking on hot concrete or pavement, your dog may appear disobedient when really just trying to keep cool feet. Consider investing in booties for your dog or only walking your dog in the early morning or evening.

7 – Hydrate and Feed

Dogs may become disobedient if hungry or thirsty. As a professional Sarasota dog walking company Accredited Pet Care recommends hydrating and feeding your dog shortly before a walk and taking snacks and extra water on long walks.

There are many steps you can take to make your dog walks more fun for you and your dog(s), but if you don’t have the time to walk your four legged friends as often as you’d like, or you want some hands on instruction, then rely on Accredited Pet Care for the best professional Sarasota dog walking available.

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