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A dog massage is great for all ages and all types of dogs. For young dogs it helps them learn to be comfortable being touched. This can help with grooming and socialization. For mid age active dogs, it helps alleviate muscle strain from jumping, running and everyday play. For older dogs it helps relieve arthritis joint stiffness and other ailments. We offer pre and post sport massage and therapeutic and palliative massage.

Every Dog massage is catered to your dog’s needs and well-being. Whether it’s a toy breed or a large breed, young or old, customized just for him or her.

Essential oils are used to alleviate both physical and emotional pain on pets. Accredited Pet Care uses 100% pure therapeutic grade oils. Oils can be used topically or inhaled. Essential oils have been used for over 7000 years. Eastern modalities still use oils to treat the root of a problem. Oils are used in combination with massage and can calm and relax as well as reduce inflammation, heal past wounds and scar tissue. It also helps respiratory problems just to name a few.

We will sit down with you and customize a massage based on your dog’s specific needs. This may include using different massage techniques such as effleurage, petrissage and cupping and more. Just as humans massage affects all of the systems of the body including the nervous, digestive, circulatory, muscular and endocrine, just to name a few. Dogs also have emotions like people, they feel pain and also grief. As with humans a massage is also effective in dogs to help with emotional and physical issues.What dog would not want a dog massage?

Our dog  massages are done in conjunction with being a Reiki Animal Master. Reiki is the use of energy between the canine and human bodies. Through the use of this energy we are able to help animals feel more comfortable and communicate their well-being and relieve their stress and pain.

Our dog massages usually last between 10 and 20 minutes. We always want your dog to have a positive experience with massage. Most dogs will communicate when they feel the massage is complete. Your dog decides when the massage is finished.

Detailed Information

Dog Massages are complimentary offered only during paid pet sitting time, & overnight pet sitting visits

Note:  For individual aromatherapy dog massage &/or  Reiki animal practitioner service $20 – per session  please call 941-921-PETS! (7387)

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