Got A Puppy Recently?

//Got A Puppy Recently?

Almost everyone loves puppies. Just the sight of a little puppy can make a bad day seem brighter. And sometimes, we take the leap from adoring to adopting, and invite a puppy into our homes and hearts for good. Yet, what we don’t often prepare for is the many challenges that come with puppies. Just like toddlers, puppies reach a stage of curiosity, tantrums, and a desire to be autonomous. While this has it’s enduring qualities, it can also be stressful, aggravating, and exhausting. If you are in this situation, or think you may be in the future, one great way to set a lifelong foundation for your dog is through obedience training your puppy.

One option offered that is a great choice for both training and socialization is obedience training puppy classes or training with a pet care professional. Not only will these options mold your puppy’s personality to be more resilient and adaptable, but it is also a great way for you and your puppy to bond. Obedience training puppy professionals are superior to attempting training your puppy on your own. Even if you consider yourself well versed on the subject, your puppy will miss out on the advantages of socialization a professional will provide.

In fact, socialization tends to be one of the most overlooked factors in attempts at self training a puppy at home. Obedience training puppy classes provide your puppy with the opportunity to interact and engage with a variety of other puppy breeds. Exposure to other breeds early in life is critical for preparing your puppy to be a well adjusted adult dog. Obedience training puppy classes will also give your puppy exposure to other people, which will make life a lot easier for both you and your pet. Imagine having to lock up your dog whenever company comes over. Imagine the anxiety your dog might experience in these scenarios. These classes set a precedent for your puppy that environments and stimuli are ever changing, but the loyalty you offer is everlasting.

If you do not choose a class, and would rather a professional work with you on obedience training for your puppy, be sure to do your research. A professional obedience trainer for puppies will have proper certification and references.

No matter which options you choose, it is important you understand the core basics of obedience training for puppies. Obedience training puppy classes or training should incorporate the foundation of building a stronger relationship between you and your puppy, establishing you as “leader of the pack”. While this might sound dominant and unappealing to some, it is a primal need for dogs to feel secure and comfortable in their environment. And while the term is often thought of as domineering, obedience training puppy classes teach both puppy owner, and puppy how to positively reinforce proper behavior.

Other advantages to obedience training puppy classes are the tips and techniques that we all seek when training animals. You need a schedule that correlates with your puppy’s development, and you need tips that will help maintain your training long after your obedience training puppy classes end. Each dog breed has particulars that differ from a standard you might feel is more popular or preferable. A trusted obedience trainer for puppies can guide you in creating a plan for success that will make training your puppy an enjoyable and unforgettable bonding experience.

Learning how to walk properly on a leash is a great start. Your puppy will soon grow into a bigger dog. You will appreciate your little one not to tug on its leash in thinking it’s cute now but it won’t be cute when its weighs over 50 pounds. Always best to nip things in the bud and correct now properly so your little one does not take you for a walk later. Puppies need to learn how to walk properly so when they are bigger dogs they are not pulling you all over the place, hurting your shoulder and back and hurting the little bones in there neck. Correct what you can now, and never mind when those big puppy eyes are looking at you thinking it’s all cute, fun and games, because those big puppy eyes will still be there when he or she weighs a whopping 35 pounds + jumping up on you, pulling you and taking you for a walk.

The Sarasota dog walkers & Pet Sitters of Accredited Pet Care know the importance of adventure for your dog, and they are trained in delivering walks, which offer variance in environment, as well as opportunity for socialization. Fully Accredited Reliable Professionals using GPS pet sits and dog walks. You will know what time they came, stayed, what time they left but more importantly how much fun your pets having and just how well they are being looked after. Now that is accountability and reliability that every pet owner.
After an initial consultation, we set a schedule based on you and your pets needs. This service enables you to track your dog’s adventures, providing extra security and peace of mind. During these Sarasota pet sitting visits we have fun with your pets to dissipate any boredom. We play games for mental and physical stimulation. We get their minds thinking. All of our services focus on happy, healthier pets for longer lives. Just like people need to exercise their brain and bodies so do our pets!. While reinforcing positive behavior for better manners when older.
Accredited pet care professionals are a member of the Pet Professionals Guild (PPG –no pain, no no force, no fear) Also National Association of Professional Pet sitters (NAPPS) Pet Sitters International ( PSI) and Association of Professional Dog Trainers(APDT) All of our puppy sitters are reliable, background checked, Pet First aid and CPR trained, pet loving professionals, fully insured and bonded. Now that you know all the awesome benefits you and your pet can expect from Accredited Pet Care’s pet sitting & dog walking services. Give us a call for your next trip or long hours of work. Call 941 921- PETS, You’ll be happy you did
Our motto is you’ll Love us, Pets do!

Accredited Pet Care Provides Dog Walking,Cat Sitting,Dog Sitting, Overnight Pet Sitting To All Of Sarasota, St.Armands,Bird Key,The Oaks, University Park and Palm Aire,Florida.

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