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Accredited Pet Care Provides Dog Walking,Cat Sitting,Dog Sitting, Overnight Pet Sitting To All Of Sarasota, St.Armands,Bird Key,The Oaks, University Park and Palm Aire,Florida.

Why choose Accredited Pet Care? 2016-09-15T02:40:35+00:00

We are professionals and a fun team to work with. You’ll love us, because pets do! We put “happiness” in everything we do. We focus on mental and physical exercise to prevent boredom. Our team strives to help your pets live longer and behave better while under our care but your routine.

A few things we offer:

  • Pet exercise
  • GPS Walks/Runs/Sits
  • At Home Daycare
  • Pet sitting
  • Daily report cards, text messages, email, pictures and videos
  • First Aid and CPR trained employees
  • No Risk, Free Trial

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Are you available during the holidays? 2016-09-22T20:53:53+00:00

Yes we stay open but due to the high demand during the holidays a $10 dollar surcharge will be enforced to dog walking & overnight service accommodations. Other services will be subject to a 50% surcharge during the dates below.
May 23-25, July 3-5, September 4-7, November 24-28 and December 24-January 1

Does my dog need to be neutered? 2017-09-01T18:10:00+00:00

If dogs are participating in group walks the answer is yes. However, we make exceptions for dogs who are not neutered by offering personalized walks, runs, bike rides and you name from the comfort of your own home.

How will I know a pet sitter was at our house? 2015-09-21T20:03:36+00:00

Its easy, not only will  your pet sitter leave a daily note on each visit they make to your home. They will also text/call you at your request and you will be able to see the walk using our unique GPS system that tracks your pet. You will also receive an after visit email that includes the route, walker/sitter notes and a photo.

How do you dispose of dog poop? 2017-09-01T18:10:00+00:00

Dogs poop, it’s a simple fact of life. It’s definitely not fun to deal with but there is finally a responsible way to handle it. Accredited Pet Care bags are 100% Compostable, 100% Biodegradable within 10-45 days, GMO free, contain no plastic and are eco-friendly. A compostable bag keeps your bin from harsh stains and smells. Bags “go away” naturally when exposed to the earth’s elements and micro-organisms. The environment always wins no matter which way you choose to dispose of APC bags.

Are there a minimum number of visits per day when I’m out of town? 2015-09-21T20:06:05+00:00

In order to provide the best possible service and also keep compliant with our terms of insurance policy, we require the following:

  • At least two visits per day for dogs and cats
  • Three visits per day for puppies and elderly pets
  • A minimum of three visits per day if out of town more than a few days

These are recommendations by Accredited Pet Care for your pets well-being.

What is APC Petcam? 2015-08-03T14:27:21+00:00

Surveillance by APC Pet Cam is a recording device that we wear to monitor your pet’s activities. A peek into how much fun your pet is having! We offer this complimentary ground breaking service to our overnight boarding guests, to give you extra peace of mind while you are away.

Can I hide a key or give a garage code? 2017-09-01T18:10:00+00:00

Accredited Pet Care is all about safety and security. We prefer clients not to hide a key or leave a key under a doormat. Clients may provide sitters with a garage or door code but in case the power goes out, the battery dies or code was changed without notifying the pet sitter, Accredited Pet Care prefers to provide global safety accepted lock boxes to the side or back door, unless you prefer to provide 2 sets of keys. One set to be kept by the pet sitter and the other set is kept safe in our office. All sitters are insured and bonded through Accredited Pet Care. All keys are coded for your security.

Do you take last minute requests? 2016-09-15T02:41:36+00:00

We are happy to accommodate you with that very last minute request. A $20 late/no reservation fee will apply for requests less than 72 hours on Overnight Boarding or Overnight Sitting in your home. A $5 late/no reservation fee will apply for requests less than 24 hours for dog walks. Notice must be made by calling the office directly at 941-921-PETS (7387).

What happens if it’s raining, too hot or too cold outside? 2017-09-01T18:10:00+00:00

We will provide our core values (Security/Attention, Fun, and Exercise). So depending on the weather if it’s too hot or cold outside we will offer plenty of mental exercise and fun entertainment comfortably inside your home or ours.

If home boarding or daycare was chosen with us we know what they like, if it’s too hot out, that’s a dip in the pool (with our patented safety ramp) or enjoying a homemade nutritious cold dogsicle, so yeah we got it covered.

If you are booked for a dog walk and it’s not fit for a dog outside? We will credit your dog walk and book you for a better day.

Do you offer refunds? 2015-09-21T20:09:01+00:00

Yes, please refer to our Reservation and Cancellation Policy.

What is APC referral program? 2017-09-01T18:10:00+00:00

When you refer us to 3 people who book a service, we will take care of you by giving you a free dog walk or cat visit, which never expires.

For every client you refer, who books with us, you get 20% off your next service.

Do you walk aggressive dogs? 2014-10-06T18:54:57+00:00

We do not discriminate against any animal. We are happy to help and work through any issues you are having with your pet. As a calm, assertive leader we can gain your dogs respect and can help limit undesirable outbursts by controlling your dogs surroundings and rewarding calm behavior. We will recommend the number of walks per week we feel necessary to gain control of your dog’s behavior.

May I tip my pet sitter? 2014-10-23T21:33:12+00:00

Tips are always appreciated but never expected. You are welcome to reward your pet sitter for a job well done by tipping them directly.