Dogs Need Exercise Just Like People

//Dogs Need Exercise Just Like People

Just like their human counterparts, all dogs need daily exercise. Unlike human exercise, dog exercise is generally far less complicated. After all, a good dog exercise routine can be summed up to daily play and a nice brisk daily walk. Sounds simple, right? If only that were true. While your dog’s needs may be basic, your human life is full of complexities, which, at times, makes even a simple walk with your dog an impossible task. If only you could carbon copy yourself to take care of all the things you need to do, but did you know there is at least one alternative you can trust in to relieve some of your daily pressure and stress? The professionals at Accredited Pet Care are the premier Sarasota, Florida area dog walkers and offer an affordable solution to your dog’s exercise needs. The Sarasota, FL dog walkers at Accredited Pet Care are not only reliable dog walking professionals, they are true dog lovers and will treat your dog as their own.

Dogs Need Exercise

Our motto at Accredited Pet Care is, “Healthy, Happy, Fit Dogs Equals Longevity”, which is why we are so committed to providing the best in Sarasota dog walking services. It has been proven that dogs who receive regular daily exercise have improved immunity health, improved mood regulation, and overall greater life satisfaction. Best of all, regular daily exercise of just 20 minutes per day, has been proven to increase life expectancy in dogs. As if that wasn’t enough of a benefit, regular dog walks with Accredited Pet Care’s Sarasota dog walkers will also give your pet socialization with others, which is essential to the social and mental health of your pet.

Exercise, Adventures, and more!

Dogs are very social creatures by nature. No doubt, they love their human family above all. But just like humans, your pooch pal needs social interaction and ever‑changing stimuli to balance and regulate their moods. Without the daily adventure walking provides, your furry companion can become restless and attention seeking. This can result in whimpering, begging, hyperactive behavior, anxiety, sadness and even illness. The Sarasota dog walkers at Accredited Pet Care know the importance of adventure for your dog, and they are leash trained in delivering walks, with positive reinforcement which offers better behavior, a variance in environment, as well as opportunity for socialization for happier pets.

Fully Accredited Reliable Professionals

When you choose the professional Sarasota dog walkers at Accredited Pet Care, the first immediate benefit you’ll receive is relief from the guilt and stress of trying to negotiate this walking time into your already packed schedule. Our Sarasota dog walkers come to you! No need to bring your dog anywhere. After an initial consultation, we set a schedule based on you and your pets needs and even provide a free dog walk. What dog doesn’t love that? Our Sarasota dog walking service at Accredited Pet Care also provides our clients with a GPS tracking service which is sent to your email or smart phone. This enables you to track your dog’s adventures, and observe how much fun they are having, while you are at work or on vacation and want to peek in, providing extra security and peace of mind.

We walk dogs on a schedule we set with you, a minimum three days per week. We do this so we’re able to provide reliable, consistent walk times each day for all of our clients for happy healthy pets and longer lives. Now that you know all the awesome benefits you and your pet can expect from Accredited Pet Care’s Sarasota dog walkers give us a call now at 941‑921‑PETS for a free dog walk. After all our slogan at Accredited Pet Care is you’ll love us, Pets do!

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