Got A Puppy Recently?

Almost everyone loves puppies. Just the sight of a little puppy can make a bad day seem brighter. And sometimes, we take the leap from adoring to adopting, and invite a puppy into our homes and hearts for good. Yet, what we don’t often prepare for is the many challenges that come with puppies. Just [...]

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Dogs Need Exercise Just Like People

Just like their human counterparts, all dogs need daily exercise. Unlike human exercise, dog exercise is generally far less complicated. After all, a good dog exercise routine can be summed up to daily play and a nice brisk daily walk. Sounds simple, right? If only that were true. While your dog’s needs may be basic, [...]

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Seven Secrets to Better Leash Walking

The last thing that anybody wants is a dog they can’t control in public. Proper leash training is essential for keeping your dog under control, but you may be wondering exactly what you can do to help transform your dog into one that’s a pleasure to walk. As the premier Sarasota, Florida dog walking and [...]

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