Code of Ethics

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Accredited Pet Care abides by these Code of Ethics:

  • Have a genuine love and respect for all animals and nature
  • Care and respect the public and the environment at all times
  • Have proven training experience handling dogs and be certified in Pet First Aid & Pet CPR
  • Pay due care to our core values, refer to our about us page: S.A.F.E (safety, attention, fun, exercise)
  • Not use any form of corporal punishment on a pet
  • Abide by the animal criminal code stated by-law
  • Pay due care and attention towards the dogs at all times
  • Clean up after the animals in their care and dispose properly of any waste
  • Not disclose any private, personal or confidential information about their clients
  • Not advertise falsely any services or credentials

For more information on our Code of Ethics please contact us.